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Ch. Evita from Olionshouse


Ch. Joiner's Quality Quillo Quillan

HD-A, PRA vrij

Ch.Joiner's Quality Iroko Igor
HD-A, PRA vrij
Ch. Zaps Dutchman Ruzhovy Svitanak HD-B Ch. Canmoy's Flying Dutchman
Ch. Daniela Ruzhovy Svitanak
Ch. Joiner's Quality Dibetou Diia
Ch. George Du Haut Pacquis
Ch. Isadora De Ker Yann-Breiz
Ch. Champagne d'Or Laura
HD-A, PRA vrij
Ch. Look Me Over Moschino Royale Flush
HD-B, PRA clear
Ch. Nesnah's Sweet Surprise
Ch. Dolly Madonna From The Flat Hills
Ch.Chamgane d'Or Winette
Ch. Every Golden Kiss Du Chateaudumesne
Piccadilly's Funny Girl By Champagne D'Or
Ch. Asahteene from Olionshouse

HD-B, PRA vrij

Olivier du Mas Regain


Lois de Dalucphi Ispahan de Herdezabad
Flore Dor du Haut Parcquis
Floor Dor du Haut Parcquis Darwing Gold de Montesot
It's My uit het Donsjuweel
Ch. Voice Song of Okarina


Ch. Sahewi's Magnificent Lord Amice Ch. Alain Champagne d'Or
Ch. Sabrina Corliena Home
Ch. Ambra Rossa Royale Flush


Ch. Nesnah's Sweet Surprise
Ch. Carmen Royale Flush


V: Ch. Joiner's Quality Quillo Quillan
M: Ch. Asahteene from Olionshouse