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Robrensis O-nest

Geboren op 2 februari 2018

Out of:

Ch. Eastdale Just Happy Friend  -x- Ch. Robrensis Just A Fancy Dream Design

- 1

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Geboren Dag 2
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Week 3  

Ch. Eastdale Just Happy Friend "Breeze"

Sable reu,
Geboren op 26-02-2008
Compleet / Correct schaargebit
CEA vrij, CEA genetisch carrier, PRA vrij
HD-B1, JRD vrij
MDR1 defect: MDR1 +/+ "clear"

Dutch Junior Champion,
German Junior Champion,

Europa Junior Sieger
Club sieger
Dutch Champion
German champion VDH + Club




  Ch. Robrensis Just A Fancy Dream Design "Dream"

Sable teef, 34 cm
Geboren op 03-04-2015
Compleet / Correct schaargebit
CEA vrij, PRA voorlopig vrij
MDR1 defect: MDR1 +/- "carrier"

Croatian Junior Champion,
Belgium Junior Champion,

Bosnia and Herzegovina Champion
Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation Champion
Serbia Champion
Montenegro Champion
Montenegro Grand Champion
Balkan Champion
Mediterranean Champion
Adriatic Champion
Sarajevo Winner 2017



De stamboom van de pup:

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Edglonian Rather A Dark Glow
Ch. Lundecock's Waterlily Seavall Sanday
Ch. Lundecock's Lily-Of-The-Valley
Ch. Eastdale Just A Spinning Image Snabswood Spitting Image Ch. Illiad Imagemaker
Snabswood Sandra Dee
Ch. Eastdale Just A Stormy Dream Ch.Milesend Stormking
Ch. Eastdale Just A Summer Dream
Ch. Robrensis Just A Fancy Dream Design Ch. Fancy Design The Sprightly Twinkle Ch. Shelteam Ace of Diamonds Ch. Snabswood Schnapps
Starbelle She's Spotless
Ch. Lady Madonna The Sprightly Twinkle Ch. Amor Micky from Lady Lucia
One Of Us Roxan The Tender Tempest
Robrensis All Designed In Dreams Ch. Own Delight's Pascal Ch. Arlanvic Hot Toddy
Ch.Own Delight's Lotje
Multi. Vet. Ch. South'n Whites Grumpy Ganouska Jr Ch. Dustin vom Erkelenzerland
Bell Flower Dans Marieke