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Robrensis A2-nest

Geboren op 23- 05-2022

Out of:

Lavika Starlight Salute -x- Jr. Ch. Robrensis Live Life to the Fullest

 ♀- 2 teven

Geboorte Week 1
Week 2 Week 3
Week 4  

Lavika Starlight Salute "Philip"

Sable reu,
Geboren op 10-08-2021
Compleet / Correct schaargebit
CEA genetisch vrij, PRA genetisch vrij
DM +/+, Willebrand III +/+, CNGA-PRA +/+
MDR1 defect: MDR1 +/+ "clear"








  Jr. Ch. Robrensis Live Life to the Fullest "Livy"

Sable teef, 34.5 cm
Geboren op 09-09-2016
Compleet / Correct schaargebit
CEA vrij, PRA voorlopig vrij
MDR1 defect: MDR1 -/- "affected"

Nederlands Jeugd Kampioen,
Belgisch Jeugd Kampioen,
Benelux Jeugd Kampioen,
Benelux Junior Winster Nederland,
Benelux Junior Winster BelgiŽ,
Belgium Junior Winster,
Golden Junior Winster,
Fall Junior Winster Dortmund,
2x Crufts Qualified 2018
Kvarner Winner 2019

Best In Group Junior FCI -1



De stamboom van de pups:

Lavika Starlight Salute CC Japaro Music Maestro Orean The Bootlegger CC Ch. Caladonia Slainte Mhath JW
Orean Golden Dream
Japaro Making Music Ch. Japaro On The Razzle at Ellenyorn
Hartmere Hint of a Dream at Japaro
Lavika Lucky Star JW CC Ch. Lythwood Starlight Express Ch. Lythwood Sacha JW
Lythwood Shakira
Lavika Lucky Charm Ch.Shellrick's You May Me Luck
Ch. Milesend Good Times at Lavika
Ch. Robrensis Just A Fancy Dream Design Ch. Fancy Design The Sprightly Twinkle Ch. Shelteam Ace of Diamonds Ch. Snabswood Schnapps
Starbelle She's Spotless
Ch. Lady Madonna The Sprightly Twinkle Ch. Amor Micky from Lady Lucia
One Of Us Roxan The Tender Tempest
Robrensis All Designed In Dreams Ch. Own Delight's Pascal Ch. Arlanvic Hot Toddy
Ch.Own Delight's Lotje
Multi. Vet. Ch. South'n Whites Grumpy Ganouska Jr Ch. Dustin vom Erkelenzerland
Bell Flower Dans Marieke